Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Gloves: A Hit Handbag Accessory This Season

Well fall is here and gloves are in! So what does that mean to us handbag lovers you are wondering? Everything!

With gloves being the new hot accessory they will draw even more attention to our favorite accessory. The handbag. Nothing is going to ruin the look of your new gloves but an unacceptable handbag. No matter what the length of your gloves a stunning purse is a must.

Personally I don't think you should be too matching with your gloves and handbags. The picture on the Betsey Johnson runway is a perfect way to wear them, you can coordinate things without overly matching. I love the contrast from the handbag to the gloves, it helps you notice both accessories at once, it's perfect.

So next time your shopping and you pick up a pair of fabulous gloves, don't forget to pick up a fabulous handbag to go with them.

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