Sunday, September 2, 2007

If You Were A Designer Handbag, Which One Would You Be?

Sorry I have been gone for a bit, I took a short internet free vacation. This maybe silly to ask, but I want to know, if you were a designer handbag, which one would you be?

I had to really think about this, I wanted to choose one that suited my personality, but also comfy. I figure hey, if you have to be this bag, you better be comfy yet cute while being it. So many designers to choose from. Juicy comes to mind, lots of Juicy bags are definitely cute and comfy at the same time! After that, the Prada red leather tote bag appears in mind. So many bags, how to choose just one that suits you the most, and in what color!

After a long time thinking I figured I'd just never be able to choose. But then it came to me, without a doubt in my mind this bag was mine. From the Marc Jacobs Collection the Quilted Elatsic Stam in black. It's perfect, stylish, comfy, roomy, all the things you need in your handbag. I choose black, really because it's my favorite color, and you can wear it with anything, My personality really suits bright pink, but that's a little hard to get away with all the time. So I figure why fight the black, it's always in!
Pic: eLuxury

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