Thursday, September 27, 2007

Designer Handbag Rant #0001

When you see a designer handbag, do you only like it because of the designer name? If you saw it on another women’s shoulder without the designer logo visible would you still like it? For a lot of people (even though they won't admit it) the answer is no! The majority of people interested designer handbags these days do not know much about the bags themselves, all they know is a designer logo or name. If these people were to see a Fendi Handbag right in front of them they wouldn’t know it was a Fendi unless they could see the logo, therefore they would not like the bag as much. Its extremely frustrating for women who own authentic designer handbags to get comments like “oh I love your Prada Handbag” but in reality if the women making that comment didn’t see the logo on her bag she wouldn’t look twice at it. A lot of “handbag lovers” these days don’t like the bag itself, they just like the logo, and just because these people recognize a couple logos doesn’t make them handbag enthusiasts.


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