Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Which Came First, The Designer Or The Bag?

Which came first, the designer or the bag? The reason I'm asking is just cause I'm trying to figure out how handbags came along. For instance did someone foresee a bag for women to carry and go from there? Or were people already carrying bags and someone just decided to make them pretty and charge a hell of a lot for them.

Well it turns out handbags go back all the way past Medieval times, and apparently men were the first ones to carry handbags! Women wore bags around their waist, the smaller the bag the higher in class you were. Peasants had to carry bigger bags around their waists for carrying more tools and such for work.

Could you imagine if guys were the ones carrying handbags and girls just wore fanny packs! I think that would be hilarious, but I guess if your used to something it's not so funny, it's normal.

So it seems the bag came first, people made their own bags in earlier times, then designers started showing up in the 1800's and 1900's.
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