Friday, August 3, 2007

When Does It Cross That Line Into Crazy Land?

Clearly shopping with designer labels is pricey, usually worth it though in my point of view, but when does the price tag cross that line into insanity.

Talking to my friend on the phone yesterday, I made her promise that she would one day if I am ever so rich, that I plan to buy the $150,000 diamond encrusted crocodile Birkin, slap me out of it, tell me to suck it up, buy the extensively expensive Louis Vuitton Patchwork bag for $42,000 and give the rest to charity.

Does it really get to the point where you would spend the amount of a small apartment on a designer handbag? I guess so. Do we really wanna wear a mansions worth of money out somewhere though?

I do wanna be well off, and I would wear thousands of dollars worth of clothes if I could. But I think wearing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of clothes is a bit crazy.