Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Top 5 Reasons Why Buying A Replica Handbag Is Stupid

Well there sure is more than five reasons why it's stupid to buy a replica handbag, but I figured I could narrow it down to the most important reasons to get my point across. Starting from what's least important to what's most important, here we go:

Number 5: They just look tacky and ridiculous.

With the labels slightly wrong, and the colors off, they definitely do not look like the glamorous bag they are trying to look like. Your not fooling anyone, everyone knows it's fake. You wonder why everyone is staring, you think maybe it's because they like your bag, you think they don't know, but in fact they're staring because they hate it.

Number 4: So many people have them.

You see them everyone, fake Louis Vuitton is popular, Chanel, Coach, hell I've even seen fake Le Sportsac. Why on earth would you want to carry around a hideous thirty dollar cheaply made knock off when everyone has the same cheaply made knock off as you, if the fake Louis Vuitton makes you feel good, get a load of the real thing!

Number 3: The bag itself is complete crap.

Take some look-alike-leather and some crappy fabric lining, top it off with a three cent zipper and some shoddy stitching and we have ourselves a replica handbag, that millions of people will buy! Think about it. Do you really want to carry that. Your clothes speak to people about who you are, is that really what you want them to say?

Number 2: These bags usually are associated with organized crime.

Do you think a happy family just makes these bags on the side just to sell them to you for and extra buck? No. There are made illegally, mass produced all around the world. Think of the money that could go into your country, all the taxes. I know having to pay tax on clothes and handbags is not that great, but really, who would you rather benefit, your country or the mob?

Number 1: These bags are also associated with child labour.

How on earth could you wear something a small child was forced to make. Many times in counterfeit busts children were found living in factories, forced to work all day, some with just buckets beside them to go to the washroom. Now really, could you support that? Do you want to be a part of that? Think of a child you know, being forced into those conditions, how do you feel about the replica handbags now?

I hope my five points got across to you, I'm not saying give up your designer dreams, I'm saying actually be a part of them. Look online for good deals, watch out for the fakes of course! Become a bargain hunter, shop last season! There are many ways to go about this! Now put that replica handbag down and go get a real designer handbag!

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