Thursday, August 2, 2007

If The Bag Fits....

Have your ever heard the expression: if the shoe fits...? Well you can use that expression with bags too. In fact the bag someone is carrying says quite a lot about them, it can be misleading sometimes, but you can usually tell if you look hard enough.

For instance, looking at me, at first glance you might think maybe that I'm reserved and sophisticated with so many chic black and brown bags in my closet. But if you look harder, you will see baby pink bags, showing my feminine side, and then if you look more you will see bright pink bags. This is what I mean about looking hard, at first I look kind of boring, but if you examine the evidence properly, it appears I like to stand out with bright colors, and noticeable bags. Which is me, I like bright, I like flashy, I like eye-catching, and I believe anyone with a bright pink bag likes flashy and eye-catching as well,

See what I mean, so next time someone calls me attention grabbing, I can't deny it, remember, if the bag fits.... So next time you see someone carrying the LV Patchwork Bag, it may be safe to assume they are a rich stuck up snob, and they can't deny it, because if the bag fits....

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