Monday, August 13, 2007

House or Handbag? Can't We Have Both?

Well we all know that one designer handbag is never enough, but do we really need to collect handbags like little boys collect rocks. I already have a good chunk of money invested in my handbag collection, and I sure don't see an end to the collection coming anytime soon. But when does it cross the line from a bit of spending to a down payment on a house.

At first you have you a have a couple nice handbags and pairs of shoes, next thing you know your Carrie Bradshaw. Your over thirty years old, still paying rent, and you have to get your divorced best friend to give you her engagement ring for a down payment on your apartment to live. But hey, she had some really nice Manolo's, and Gucci's, and Prada's.... Well you get the picture. Do you really wanna end up like that?

I am really a hypocrite here, I can't save money. Every time I do save money, I just buy something more expensive, it just does not work. But is there a way to still have the oh so unattainable, fashionable handbags and a down payment on a house at the same time? Because if there is a way, I'd like to know. I'm sure you would like to know too!