Friday, August 24, 2007

Goodbye Floaty Frocks, Hello Fall

This blog isn't about handbags, but it is about fashion and something I'll miss once summer is completely gone. I'm so sad summer is leaving and fall is coming, of course I'm excited on some respects, I've already seen some fall styles I'm dying to wear, like long sleeved gloves. I can't wait. But I'm sad because floaty frocks will be gone. Summer is gone pretty much and I guess it's almost time to let go. I can't though! I swear I'll be the girl wearing frocks in the winter!

I do like the new style with the slimming dresses and the little belts, but I just loved those cute frocks, with a little bit bigger of a belt. Mostly because I could wear them. You have to look like a model to wear the new style, at least the summery frocks made anyone look good!

I guess no matter what I do I can't stop summer from leaving, I guess all that I can hope for is for frocks to be in next summer! Also maybe I should start going to the gym more....

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