Thursday, August 16, 2007

Designer Labels And The Outdoors

Being from a small logging town, I like to call myself an outdoors girl. Last week on my trip back home to see my parents, reality sunk in...

While I was up there, an old friend drove me out to a small waterfall to look at. On the drive up there I almost had a heart attack driving down the scary dirt road, up a giant mountain. The whole way I was worried my dress was getting dirty in the car!

We get to the top of the dirt road and we have to walk down a trail to get to see the falls. So here I am in a frock, and Betsey Johnson heels, clutching on to my Marc Jacobs Multi Pocket Mini struggling to get down this small trail, tripping over rocks and twigs. By the time I had gotten to the falls I was dusty and to my horror there was a spider on me! That was it, I lost it, I screamed, freaked out, flailing around frantically trying to get the spider off. Once I was sure not one bug was on me I stormed back up to the car and forced my friend to take me home to change out of my dusty clothes.

By the time I had gotten back home to my parents house it hit me. I am definitely NOT an outdoors girl, I have solidly transformed into a bone-fide city girl, without even noticing. So this brings up a thinker, can you be both? A sexy bushwacker wearing Prada and Christian Louboutins? It seems a little out there... What do you think? do you think it's possible to look pretty and go camping at the same time? Although, it seems weird to combine the two....

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