Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Designer Handbags: A Way To Brighten Up Any Day

Why is it that the words, "I just got a new designer handbag" can make you feel better about almost anything? I'm so sun burnt, it feels like my skin could melt off, but that's OK, I just got a new Marc Jacobs bag. See what I mean? It really does make you feel better. So that raises the question, am I that materialistic that a designer handbag can make me feel better on even the gloomiest of days? I'd have to go with yes. It really can. What is it about us? Not all women, but the excessive handbag, clothing, and accessory lovers? A designer label will send us into a whirlwind frenzy that will drive us crazy until we get that designer name in our hands. We will save up and spend hundreds, thousands even on a designer handbag just to get the one we want.

I've had people argue with me that I'm crazy to spend that amount of money on a designer handbag. I just argue with them back that my handbag is like no other. For instance my new Marc Jacobs, the lining of the stitching is perfect, the leather is so soft and smooth and smells so intensely, the pink is the perfect color of pink, the red suede lining is the softest I've ever felt. Now you tell me how that can not be worth the money I paid. It's perfect in every way. I've had many compliments. Some people save up for cars, TVs, stereos, TiVos even, not me my weakness is designer handbags. They truly can brighten up any day.

So my advice for you? The next time your running late for a meeting, or you've broken up with your boyfriend, get called fat, or maybe get stood up for a first date. Don't sit and wallow in your own self pity. Get out there and buy a designer handbag. There is no way you can't break a smile holding that designer handbag your dying for. It can turn any frown upside down.