Thursday, July 5, 2007

Designer Handbags: Pleasure Not Pain

As I lay there in a hot uncomfortable room with my designer handbag sitting five feet in front of me, my esthetician sprinkles baby powder on a very private area of mine. She then continues to coat me in a nice layer of hot wax. I think to myself is it really worth all this pain just to look good? What is it about women who will do just about anything to feel good about themselves? A quick painful rip and a nice chunk of my hair is gone. From pain, to heartache, to debt. We will sacrifice anything for the sake of beauty.

I remember when I first told my father I wanted to save up and spend $1000 dollars on a designer handbag, I swear he almost had a heart attack. To this day he still doesn't understand. To me however, if I can lay in a hot room every 5 weeks for 15 minutes pulling my skin in the most embarrassing positions, I think spending money on a designer handbag is nothing compared to that. Not to mention you pay that lady for that excruciating pain!

When all said and done, I'm thankful for the fact that as I walk out of that room with that uniquely wonderful designer handbag, it didn't cost me one ounce of pain to buy or carry that designer handbag. Also I don't have to go back every 5 weeks to get the same designer handbag! I can get a whole new one! ;)

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