Monday, July 23, 2007

Designer Handbags are my Crack

Some people like movies, some people enjoy drinking, some people are addicted to crack. We are addicted to designer handbags. Where else does all your money go?

Nothing puts you in more of a euphoric state then the the feeling of dropping $500 (or more) on a designer handbag. But ones not enough, you need more and more, to the point where you have so many, you don't even wear most of them, let alone remember they even exist. It could be worse if you think about it, it's not a bad addiction at all. Nothing makes you feel better than going out with your brand new designer handbag.

It gives you confidence like nothing else can! You hit the town feeling amazing! Not to mention you get to keep that sexy handbag forever, at least until your closet swallows it in a change of season. So next time your going out to the club with your friends, stay home, take that money tomorrow and go shopping! Trust me, a new handbag feels a lot better than a hangover!
Pic from eLUXURY

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