Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mini Clutch or Oversized Handbag?

tuff call!

If anyone likes small designer handbags, it's me. But I always notice myself organizing my mini handbag. How on earth are you supposed to cram all that stuff in there! First you need to pick out the essential objects needed. Arrange them in the most efficient way possible. Then, hopefully stuff whatever else you can fit in the remaining sad amount of room left.
I understand clutches look adorable, especially with summer here! But what can you really fit in a clutch? Most of my mini designer handbags barely fit my wallet! But how can you not love and utilize a mini designer handbag? So I figure the best way to be part of both worlds: mini clutches and over sized handbags, is to have your over sized designer handbag in the day to lug around all your stuff, then stash your stuff and transform into a chic mini clutch at night.

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