Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Designer Handbag Secret Society

I find myself wondering, does anyone notice my brand new designer handbag I bought the day before? Am I the only one who notices every designer handbag, outfit and pair of nice shoes that pass by my way on a daily basis? Do I have some sort of weird obsession with designer handbags? I definitely notice the woman up ahead of me carrying the fashionable Marc Jacobs Multi Pocket in Ferrari Red. Not to mention the older lady up ahead carrying a very used, but extremely nice Burberry handbag with a well worn leather shoulder strap. But do they notice my new designer handbag?

On my way home I'm walking along a busy street, talking on the phone, in depth in some sort of conversation I'm sure. Up ahead I see a pair of nicely dressed Asian ladies coming towards me. Immediately I notice their designer handbags. The older, shorter one wearing a nicely worn Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 with a Shoulder strap. By the darkened leather you could tell she had it for a while. No doubt a favorite of hers I'm guessing. The taller younger one carrying a very nice new Coach Ergo Patchwork Tote. A nice pair of designer handbags!

As we were passing one spoke to the other, and for some reason I could tell it was about me. Then they smiled at each other and pointed to my designer handbag. As we had passed each other we stopped in our tracks turned around said "Hi" and all took the time to notice everyones designer handbag. Right then I learned people sure do notice my designer handbag. It makes me feel better to know others out there share the same weird obsession for designer handbags. It's like a secret society.

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