Monday, May 7, 2007

Which is the right designer purse for me?

Women can be plagued with the task of finding the right designer purse or handbag, but if you ask yourself the right questions, one might just have an easier time choosing the right designer purse!
Knowing what type of bag you need: Are you looking for a classic style, casual or trendy Designer Handbag? Do you prefer practicality, comfort or style? How big or what size does it have to be? What will you be carrying in it? Are you trying to highlight a certain outfit or look? Do you prefer straps or adjustable handles? Will the bag be used for work, home or play? Do you have a special color material or pattern you are looking for?
There are so many styles and kinds of designer handbags. Ask yourself do I need a plain colored handbag, or something multi-colored to help flair an outfit? Keep in mind not every handbag is for everyone. Consider your body shape, if you are tall, go for a rounded or square shaped purse. If you are not so tall, go for a longer maybe bottle shaped type purse.
Also keep in mind to ask others opinions, even though they may have a different outlook it doesn't hurt to compare handbag interests with your family or friends.
Make sure you are knowledgeable about todays knock offs as well. Understand the price range of the bag that you are purchasing. If the price is too good to be true than it probably is fake. Please do the research and then you will be less likely to be disappointed with your purchase overall. A bit of research goes along way when looking for a new Designer Handbag or Purse.

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