Wednesday, May 2, 2007

When the season changes, so does the bag?

Spring Finally!

Now with spring here this means its time for a new handbag or two. Over the winter you have built up an irritation by weighing your poor over worked shoulders and back down. Its not your fault that you have filled your over sized tote bag to now carry a large percentage of your important belongings. But with the season change comes a new game plan. Its time to lighten the load and prepare for the new lifestyle spring has to offer. Now lets think of maybe a new lighter more pleasant, softer colored designer purse that remains easy on the eyes.

Smaller handbags, wristlets or clutches are known to work better with shorter hemlines and casual looks. Fabric totes or original shoulder bags, along with super soft leather hobos with very bright colors are being seen all over. Really, its kind of refreshing that spring is here. Change is good and sometimes its something that we all need.

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