Thursday, May 10, 2007

No getting around the need for a Handbag

We need handbags!

Pockets don't cut it. Stuffing pockets just adds bulk to areas that we don't need any help filling out -- like the derriere, where most pockets are located or worse, the hips. Besides, lipstick melts when it gets warmed by body heat and it stains.

A purse is not only an attractive and fun accessory, it is sort of like a third hand that doesn't get sweaty -- and it comes with a handy zipper or snap.

Even though we adore them, bags are constantly under fire. Thieves and thugs try to steal them and police warn against carrying them. Purses get searched at concerts and they get locked up when you head into some boutique's change rooms -- like Aritzia.

They can be weapons too. Who isn't familiar with the quintessential image of a granny wielding her purse in rage?

Mostly, they're just hold-alls that look good too. Still not convinced? Empty your pockets, look at your shadow and see the improved silhouette.

Better? Better.

As sourced from:

CanWest News Service

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