Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Keep that Purse Clean!

Do Your Self A Favor!

Your beloved Designer Purse does hold your keys, your wallet, and your cell phone but they may also carry some other things you'd rather not hold on to. Ok, so we all know or maybe want to deny the fact the our purses do collect germs and bacteria. We might pay the big bucks for these handbags but really its the extra free stuff that comes with it we dont want.

Most girls i would say do not regularly wipe their purses, however studies now suggest that we should be taking some care in this. For starters lets never set our purses down on the floor, even inside! Where our feet travel, travels bacteria, so lets go for a freshly wiped table when possible. And not only the outside of your purse should get the once a week rub down, please empty it out and give it a good wipe inside. The once a week program goes a long way after a while to help keep your designer handbag
maintained. Six obsessed handbag enthusiasts took a poll and only one of the six met the keep your handbag clean program by cleaning their purse once a week! So lets learn a lesson from this and keep these high priced bags in top form! Although most will just shutter at the thought of carrying bacteria along with there designer purse and set those thought aside.

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