Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The History of the Fendi Handbag

In this day and age, most do not think of the history of their designer purse or handbag we just seem to have some magnetic pull towards these big ticket fashion items. I tried to look deeper into this and thought I would start with one of my personal favorites: Fendi.

Fendi Began in 1918 when a leather and fur shop was opened in central Rome by Adele Casagrande. In 1925, Adele married Edoardo Fendi, and then decided to change the name to Fendi. The business did very well, and soon a new shop was opened in Via Piave in 1932. By 1946 Paola, 15, the eldest of Adele and Edoardo Fendis five daughters, went to work for the firm, followed by her sisters Carla, Anna, Franca, and Alda.

German Designer Karl Lagerfeld married into the Fendi family in 1965 who then continued to prove monumental to the company by designing the internationally known FF symbol. He then set out with the sisters to then revolutionize fur and treatment to other clothing making it much more wearable. A stiff and uncomfortable garment was now soft, light and easy to wear.

One year later Fendi had released its first couture fur collection, designed by Lagerfeld. It was an immediate success with foreign buyers. Fendi was introduced to the United States of America by the president of Bloomingdales, eventually leading to more outlets and now in this day and age only represented through out high end department stores and boutiques. The company's accessories are now found on the arm of many stars and signature bags such as the Spy, buckled B-bag, and embellished bucket bag are often in high demand.

So now when your shopping for your Designer Fendi Handbag just think of what went in to the company beginning over 89 years ago. Its always fun to learn these things about by favorite designer companies!

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