Thursday, May 3, 2007

Designer Purse Trend Carries On

Having a nice designer handbag or purse can be a fashion statement or a wealth statement, depending on your point of view. Young female celebrities have made it so popular to carry these high priced beauty's. So people buy these designer purses and use them to up their social what? Some say it is just ridiculous, but how could they say that! Its the little things in life, well ok maybe not that little..hey it just makes me feel good for some reason to get a new purse!
So with the replica thing is this also upping the status of the owner of the true designer purse?
Is this helping us or hindering us in the designer handbag world. Its tuff to say. Here is a related article: Piracy Experts Tainting the designer handbag world? Its just really sad seeing such a god awful amount of replicas rolling around. Just thinking of fakes makes me shudder. Oh well, with there being enough of us true enthusiasts who absolutely refuse to have anything to do with these fakes, the designer purse & handbag industry should continue to boom.
Carrying a
designer handbag means a female has something of quality and style. Designers come up with new lines and collections all the time, so these designer handbags will always be popular. Years from now, designer handbags will still be trendy because of the look and what it stands for.

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